Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

9 HR challenges and how Dynamics 365 for Talent solves these #1/4

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Dynamics 365 for Talent is Microsoft’s HCM (human capital management) tool, a tool not just for the HR department, but for all employees.

The system consists of three main modules;

  • Core HR. Basic functionality for HR and employees
  • Attract. Recruitment, Linked to LinkedIn
  • Onboarding. Onboarding of new employees

All companies work with some kind of HR processes. In the past, the systems have been both expensive and difficult to use. Talent will work for both big enterprise companies all the way down to small companies.

With Dynamics 365 for Talent, you have a system that:

  • Is easy to scale both up and down
  • Contains the most important functions within HR
  • Not too complicated
  • Can be used by all employees or just by the HR department

In this article I have asked 9 questions that an HR department often have faces. All these questions can be solved with Dynamics 365 for Talent, and over the next 3 posts, I will answer them.

1. Recruitment

  • Do you have an overview of what job vacancies your company has?
  • How is your recruitment process?
  • Do you have a real overview of who has applied for the different positions?
  • Do you have regular processes and persons applicants should review?
  • Do you keep in touch with the applicants along the way?

2. New employees

  • What happens the candidate signs the offer and starts working for you?
  • What tasks must be done internally before the first working day?
  • What employees are still in probation and when does it go?
  • Do you know if the person in the probation period has actually reached the level of competence required for the position?

3. Skills overview

  • Do you have an overview of whom in the company can do what and how well they can do it?

4. Personal HR page

  • Is all information about your employees registered a place?
  • Can each employee change their information and record new information and knowledge?

5. Leader’s overview of his team

  • What kind of skills does your team have?
  • Will they reach the goals you have set?
  • When is the next scheduled employee review?

6. Overview of leave and absence

  • Do you use Excel to plan your wishes for summer vacation?

7. Lending technology to employees

  • Do you have an overview of who has borrowed what?
  • Are you getting back all the equipment from employees who end?

8. Internal courses

  • What courses does the company offer and who has attended these courses?

9. Statistics

  • Who have birthday today?
  • Which department has the most employees?
  • What languages ​​is spoken in the company?
  • What is the ratio of female to male employees?

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