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9 HR challenges and how Dynamics 365 for Talent solves these #3/4

This post continues from the post 9 HR challenges and how Dynamics 365 for Talent solves these #2/4 where I started answering the questions in the post 9 HR challenges and how Dynamics 365 for Talent solves these #1/4

4. Personal HR page

Is all information about your employees registered in one place?

Some companies have several systems that register information on employees, with no control over what is registered where and if it’s ever deleted. With the new GDPR regulations, it becomes extremely important to have full control of all data you have registered about your employees, so you can easily delete them. When everything is registered in Talent, you have control of your company data.

Picture 15: Employee Register

Can each employee change their information and register new information and skill themselves?

All employees get their own page where they manage their information. The employee can easily register certifications, certificates, update their level of knowledge, enroll in courses, see employee review and all related HR information. In addition, you can enter relevant documents that HR can access. HR also gets the opportunity to register documents about the employee connected to the employee, which the employee is unable to access or see. Eg. A complaint about the employee is important to register but also important that the employee does’n see it.

Figure 16: Self-service for employees

5. Leader’s overview of their team

Leader gets an overview of everyone in their team with all relevant information about each employee you are responsible for.

Picture 17: My team

What skills does your team have?

With a click, you get an overview of the skill your team has and the level at which they are.

Picture 18: The skills of my team

Will they reach the goals we have set?

You get an overview of the goals your team has set and the status of the different goals.

Picture 19: The goals of my team

When will we have the next employee review?

Employee review is something most companies have, to some extent. Why not have it registered in one place, in a streamlined manner? In Talent you get all this and an overview of when the next employee interview should be.

Picture 20: Employee reviews

6. Overview of leave and absence

Do you use Excel to plan your wishes for summer vacation?

How many companies uses Excel to plan the summer vacation for their employees? Wouldn’t it be easier if everyone registers their wishes for holiday in Talent, then you would get an overview of all the requests? Here you can also register other types of leave.

Picture 21: Leave and absence

You register which types of leave you wish to register in Talent.

Figure 22: Types of leave

This post finishes with the post
9 HR challenges and how Dynamics 365 for Talent solves these #4/4

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