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9 HR challenges and how Dynamics 365 for Talent solves these #4/4

This is the last post in the series that startet with the post 9 HR challenges and how Dynamics 365 for Talent solves these #1/4.

7. Lending technology to employees

Do you have an overview of who has borrowed what?

Many companies lend computers, mobiles and other technical equipment to their employees. An astonishing amount of money is lost each year because employees do not return loaned equipment. You should have a system that registres whom has borrowed what equipment and has a checklist with tasks when an employee quits? Talent, of course, has both.

Picture 23: Loaned equipment

Are you getting back all the equipment from employees who end?

With a separate offboarding list, you register different tasks that should be done when a person quits. Should the pc be returned? What is the new e-mail address to the former employee? Is the former employees picture removed from the website? Talent has checklists for offboarding (as well as onboarding and transitioning).

Picture 24: Offboarding

8. Internal courses

What courses does the company offer and who has attended the courses?

Talent gives you an overview of courses your business offers. You can register new courses that takes place both physically and online and you can register who has participated in the different courses and the skill-level at which the course was on.

9HRutfordringer25 kurs
Picture 25: Course

9. Statistics

Who’s birthday is it today? Which department has the most employees? What languages ​​is spoken in the company? What is the ratio of female to male employees?

Talent is closely linked to PowerBI and already has several reports that give you complete overview of all employees. An overview of the seniority of the employees and what date the different employees have an employee anniversary and birthday.


Picture 26. Statistics 1 – Personnel management – Employee Anniversaries

Statistics of where your employees are located and in what department do they work.


Picture 27. Statistics 2 – Personnel management – Headcount

You can also see general statistics on corporate employees.


Picture 28. Statistics 3 – Personnel management – People metrics

This concludes the series 9 HR challenges and how Dynamics 365 for Talent solves these.

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