Certification, Core HR, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

MB6-898 Describe the user interface components of Dynamics 365 for Talent

talent interface
Dynamics 365 for Talent interface
  • Dynamics 365 Button – With the Dynamics 365 button you can switch between different Dynamics 365 apps. Such as Attract, HR Core and Onboard.
  • Vafle menu is where you easily can navigate to your other Microsoft systems and the administration interface.
  • Hamburger Menu (Navigation Pane) is used to expand or collapse the navigation pane and get access to the different functions of Talent.
  • If you click on company on the top right-handed side of the toolbar you can change the legal entity.
  • Use search to easy access the function you want to work in.
  • If the system has an error message or a warning, this is displayed in the section for notifications.
  • You can edit some personal tools and settings for the application with clicking the gear icon (Settings).
  • When you click the help icon you get access to all the Microsoft standard help or the custom help you created in the Lifecycle Service.
  • To make it easy for you to start working, you have tiles on your home page that represent the workspace that you have access to.

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