Benefit, Certification, Compensation, Compliance, Core HR, Leave and absence, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, People/Employees/Manager

MB6-898 Identify the components of a Dynamics 365 for Talent workspace

Workspaces and functions:

  • People. In this workspace you can search and find information on workers in your organization. You can see who reports to whom, and information about each employee.



  • Employee self service – This workspace contains “My information” where all information that is registered on the person logged in is registered, here you can change your adress, see tasks assigned to you, your courses and certificates and a lot of other functions. If you are registered with employees that report to you, you also get access to the “My team” tab



If you are registered with employees that report to you, you also get access to the “My team” tab you will the information about the employees that report to you.

my team.PNG


  • Personnel management – Contains Activity, open positions, analytics, expiring records and links. Here you can manage positions that needs to be filled, see several important metrics and analytics, see certificates, probations and other records that are close to expiring.

Personnel management.PNG


  • Task management – Divided in Onboarding, offboarding and transitions. It contains “Starting soon” (onboarding), “exiting workers” (offboarding), “exited workers” (offboarding), “recent hires” (onboarding), “my tasks”, “overdue tasks”,  “all tasks” and links. In this workspace you set up the checklist you use for onboarding, offboarding and transitions.

task management.PNG


  • Leave and absence – Contains Plans, analytics and links. Her you can create, edit and assign different leave and absence plans to workers.

leave and absence


  • Benefits – Contains benefits, analytics and links. You can create a benefit, benefit types and benefit elements and see eligibility and enrollment.



  • Compensation management – Contains summary, analytics and links. Gives you an overview of all compensation and the ability to create new plans.

compensation management.PNG


  • Employee development – Contains Analytics and links. Under links you have performance, performance setup, competencies with professional certificates, skill analysis and competency setup.

employee development.PNG


  • Learning – Contains analytics and links. Her you can set up courses and questionnaires.



  • Compliance – Contains only links where you can report incidents and setup for injury and illness and legal entities.



  • Business processes – Contains summary and links. Here you can see all business processes.

business processes.PNG


  • Organization administration – This workspace contains only links. Here you set up you whole organization with positions, jobs, departments, organizations, global address book, addresses and calendars.

Organization administration


  • System administration – Contains summary and links. Here you administrate users, find the excel documents templates for importing information, do bach jobs, security configuration, email, cases, currency etc.

system administration.PNG

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