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MB6 – 898 Describe features of the People workspace

People workspace

In the search field of the people workspace you can search for people by name, title and other parameters. You can see how many direct reports they have and whom they report to. When you click on a person, you go to their personal page where you can find information about the person. This page is separated in to personal and leave and absence.

The personal page has five tiles with different information where you can manage, see and add new information: Personal information, certificates, emergency contacts, identification numbers and tests. You can also edit your information, verify employment and assign a position, change position, terminate, enroll in benefits, check FMLA eligibility and apply checklist.

Personal page

The leave and absence page have 4 tiles with different information; Bereavement, PTO – Exempt, Sick, Vacation. You can also view time off, enroll in leave plan and request time off.

leave and absence people
Leave and absence

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