Certification, Core HR, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, People/Employees/Manager

MB6-898 Use the People workspace to view and edit personal information

Edit personal info.PNG
Edit personal information

From the Personal tab in your own page in the people workspace, you can edit your own personal information. You do this by clicking the Edit sign. from there you get access to the page where you edit the information

Edit personal info 2.PNG
Edit worker information

The worker page is divided in five tabs:


Edit worker information

In the profile tab you can edit your picture, marital status, birth date, number of dependents, ethnic origin, adress, contact information, spoken language, education, gender and several other fields.


Edit employment details

In the employment tab you can edit information about your employment, not the position, but other informations


In the compensation tab you can see the plans you are connected to and enroll in variable plans.

Edit compensation

Competencies and development

In this tab you have a full overview over your skills, competencies such as certificates, courses and education. You can also access your reviews and goals.

competencies and development.PNG
Edit competencies and development


In this tab you can edit information that’s relevante for your payroll.

Edit Payrol information

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