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MB6-898 Request time-off in the People workspace

From the leave and absence tab on the people workspace you can request time off by clicking the menu line and + Request time off.

leave and absence people
Time off

In the new window you  register type of leave, dates, attachments, comments and see the balance for your different types of leave and absence. You can submit your request or you can save it as a draft.

request time off.PNG
Request time off
request time off 2.PNG
Request time off

2 thoughts on “MB6-898 Request time-off in the People workspace”

  1. When an employee request time off , as a Manager , i cannot approve it. Where I need to go and approve the time off.


    1. Hi Zahir Shah,

      When you get an request for a time off, you can go to the Employer self service page, and go to the manager page. From there you can se the pending time off requests from my team. From there you get a list with all the requests which you should be able to approve. Let me know if this helps!


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