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MB6-898 Review and update performance information

In the Employee Self-service portal you can see your performance information which is divided in to reviews and performance goals.

Employee Self-service page
Employee Self-service page


In the review section, you can see when your next review is scheduled and the progress of you previous reviews. If you click “View reviews” you get a list of your reviews. From this page you can edit measurements, activities, ratings, sign offs, and attachments for every review listed. You can also add new reviews, either by creating them from scratch or by using a template.

Employee Self-service - Review
Employee Self-service – Review

Performance goals

Use Performance goals page to enter and review progress on your goals. You can enter a new goal by building them yourself or adding from a template or a group. You can enter and complete activities for goals, and indicate that you completed a goal.

Employee Self-service - Performance goals
Employee Self-service – Performance goals

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