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MB6-898 View team information in the manger self-service portal

When you go to the Self Service portal and click the “My team” tab you get access to the manager part of self-service portal.

Manager Self-service - My team
Manager Self-service – My team

“My team” is divided in “Summary” and “My team information

The team information is divided in six tabs, and in each of them you can see the team of direct reports and a dropdown where you can see details (certificates, compensation, courses, reviews (you can add reviews), time off, loaned items (you can add loaned items to a worker), performance goals (you can add performance goals to a worker), registered courses, skills and send feedback).

Summary contains information about the title and department and is the standard tab you get when you open the page.

Position contains years in position, seniority date, years of service, number of previous positions and birth date.

Manager Self-service - Position
Manager Self-service – Position

Compensation contains annual salary, last increase amount and last increase percent.

My team compensation.PNG
Manager Self-service – Compensation

Leave and absence contains top balances with activity.

Manager Self-service - Leave and absence
Manager Self-service – Leave and absence

Performance goals contains the number of goals that’s not started, on track and needs improvement.

Manager Self-service - Performane goals
Manager Self-service – Performane goals

Reviews contains the number of reviews that’s in progress, ready for review and final review.

My team reviews.PNG
Manager Self-service – Reviews

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