Certification, Core HR, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, People/Employees/Manager

MB6-898 Describe and use the mobile device for employee and manager self-service

In the Employee self service and Manager Self Service portal you can see some areas via mobile device if you have published the mobile site. In the settings area (the gear on the top wright corner) you can edit the Mobile app.

Mobile app
Mobile app
Manage mobile app
Manage mobile app

On the mobile page you can publish three apps as a standard:

  • My team
  • Company Directory
  • Employee Self Service

You publish, export, import, delete (only none standard) and create a new mobile workspace.

Manage mobile app - create new
Manage mobile app – create new

To use the app you have to download the app “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations”. From there you log on to your environment and you get three choices as a standard, the same three you just published; “My team”, “Company Directory” and “Employee Self Service”

Mobile app
Mobile app

Here you can see some images from the mobile client:

My team

Company Directory

Employee Self-Service

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