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Question from a reader about MB6-898 certification

I got a question from one reader and I thought that it where some good questions that probably others are wondering about as well.

I am planning to take dynamics 365 for Talent certification exam.just wanted to know few things:
1) how many questions were there in the exam and the duration.
2) Does the certification has a validity or is it for life time.
3) how did you prepare for the exam.
4) can we take multiple exam attempts if we don’t clear the certificate exam.
5) can you share me any reference material to help me clear my certification.

  1. You have 120 minutes to complete the test. And if I don’t remember to wrong it was about 42 questions. My best tip is to read the question once, then answer the first answer you get a feeling is correct, then read the question two times again and then look at your answer. You need to get 700 points to pass, that’s about 70% correct.
  2. I haven’t found any information about the validity of the certification, but I guess that when there has been several updates of Talent, you will get a new certification (if you see certifications on CRM you see that there are a lot of them for the different versions; List of exams)
  3. I watched all the videos on the Dynamics Learning Portal several times. Wrote a lot of notes (which now is turning in to this blogseries). I did a PoC for a customer and used a lot of time in the system, clicking tru it and trying different scenarios. You will probably have a hard time passing the test without some time using and testing the system.
  4. I recommend to buy a voucher with a second shot included, that way you aren’t so stressed that you absolutely have to pass the first time, but you can get a feel of how the test works and get a scoring an a set of skills you need to practice more to pass the next time. You can take the exam several times, but I hope you pass the first time!
  5. I have to reference to my blog Certification Exam MB6-898 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent here I have linked to the DLP page where the most relevant videos are. I also recommend Microsoft’s own doc’s page. The Microsoft Dynamics Community can also provide a lot of help.

Hope this helps you on your way to pass your MB6-898 Dynamics 365 for Talent certification. I would love to hear from anyone whom have had some help in this blog!

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