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MB6-898 Update job details

When you are done creating the job, it’s time to register the details about the job.

Job details filled out
Job details filled out

This is the part where you make sure people apply for the job and give all information about the job and what you are looking for in an applicant.

The left side is the Job title and Job description, both are required. The job description field must be at least 100 characters, this to make sure you describe the job in the best possible way.

job details left side.PNG
Job details left side

On the right side, the last mandetory field is Job location, you need to tell the applicants where the job is.

The other fields are not mandetory, but it will help make it easier to attract the correct people.

job details right side
Job details right side

Number of open positions – this is helpful if you are searching for several people for the same type of job.

Link this job to a open position in your integrated HR system – If you are using Core HR from Talent, you can link the job in Attract to an open position in Core, this way information from Attract will be synced to Onboard and to Core.

Job details change position
Job details change position

Skills needed – you can add up to 10 skills needed for the job.

Seniority level – You can register one of 6 levels (internship, entry level, associate, mid-senior level, director and executive) the job has.

Employment type – You can register 5 types of employment (Full-time, part-time, contract, temporary and volunteer) the job gives.

Job function – you can add up to 3 job functions the job has.

Company industry – you can add up to 3 industries your company works in.

Public or internal job – If the job is set to public whomever may apply. If you set it as an internal job the candidates must already work in your company to be able to apply.

3 thoughts on “MB6-898 Update job details”

  1. Hi Malin..nice blog on HR and its really helpful to me. I have a question here related to your post on Job details. In Attract, system allows you to create a new job. What if there is already a job created in Core HR, just that I want to select the respective job here in Attract. Howz it possible? Also, lets say I create Job as “System Engineer” and as shown above, am selecting the positions (integrated in core HR). The positions have a different job than the created one in Attract. How will system identify this?


    1. Hi Pavan,

      Good to hear that it’s an helpful blog!
      When you create the job in Attract you can connect it to the open position in Core. You still have to create the job in Attract and connect it to the open position in Core. The applicant that gets the job will be connected to the position in Core HR. When you link the position in Attract with the position in Core, you are telling the to applications that this is the same job.

      Hope this helps!


  2. Hi Malin,

    Great article! However i have a question . Is there a way I can possibly change the Seniority level data details ( e.g.Entry level to Fresher)?


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