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MB6-898 Setup integrations for applicants to apply

When the job is created you have to find your applicants, and get them to apply for the job. There are several ways to do that. You go to the tab for Postings and get three options.

Job postings
Job postings

The Get the “Apply now” link to use the link directly to the apply page.

Talent Careers is your own portal where all your jobs will show and where they can apply.

Talent Careers portal
Talent Careers portal

The last part is the LinkedIn integrations, where you can post directly to LinkedIn.

To use LinkedIn you have to have a LinkedIn recruiter license and set up the LinkedIn recruiter system connect integration. You click the gear on the right top and then the Admin center.

Settings - Admin center
Settings – Admin center

There you choose the LinkedIn integration and follow the steps.

LinkedIn integration
LinkedIn integration
LinkedIn integration sign-in
LinkedIn integration sign-in

3 thoughts on “MB6-898 Setup integrations for applicants to apply”

  1. I just read your article on the email templates. It looks like I have the same challenge here. These features are things I am missing and have not had any luck getting feedback from Microsoft. Would you be able to offer any direction?


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