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Dynamics 365 for Talent Comprehensive Hiring Add-On/SKU

In October in connection with the October release, Microsoft released several functions in Attract that required a new type of license, the Comprehensive Hiring Add-on/SKU. There has been a lot of questions about this on the Microsoft Community, this post is a direct consequence of the lack of information on the license.

The expanded capabilities which requires the new add-on is:

  • Unlimited shareable named talent pools & global pools
  • Job requisition workflow & additional rules
  • Career site & job publishing
  • Offer management
  • Relevant jobs and candidates
  • Compliance features & reporting
  • LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect
  • Enhanced dashboard (KPIs & summary data)
  • Deeper administrative capabilities (templates, bulk processing, admin-governed security)

That is basically all the new cool functionalities for recruiting.

The picture below is a good overview to see what you get with and without the add-on.

How is the license calculated?

General Talent license:

You must have a minimum of 5 full licenses; Unified Operations/Dynamics 365 plan/Talent


Buy The Comprehensive hiring SKU:

Have a sufficient number of Talent comprehensive hiring (100 employee pack) add-ons to meet or exceed the number of employees on payroll.

Comprehensive hiring add-on

If you are a company of under 1000 employees you have to buy the Tier 1 SKU to match your number of employees on payroll. You have to buy one pack per 100 employees, so if you have 350 employees you have to buy 4 packs of the Tier 1 SKU.

  1. 1-999 ($200 each pack of 100 employees)
  2. 1000-4999 ($150 each pack of 100 employees)
  3. 5000+ ($100 each pack of 100 employees)

These prices are all per month license and is for the entire tenant, not per environment.

License guide from Microsoft

If you wish to buy this licenses you have to contact your license partner or contact me directly as Point Taken AS (The company I work in) is a license partner.

11 thoughts on “Dynamics 365 for Talent Comprehensive Hiring Add-On/SKU”

  1. Finally some good information about the hiring add-on SKU! Thank you very much.
    One additional question, is the comprehensive hiring pack (tier 1-3) a single time payment or also monthly?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Malin,
    We have the license for Comprehensive hiring via CSP but struggling to manage the license administration (how do you assign to users?), it seems different from the rest of Talent. Even with this, can we post jobs to linkedin and other job sites?


    1. Hi Pmbatia,

      The Add-on is not a per user license, it’s one license per company. As long as you buy the correct amount of packs you should be able to post jobs to LinkedIn and other job sites. If you have bought the license and still aren’t getting access, you have to submit a ticket to Microsoft.


  3. Hi Malin,
    do you know by chance, if you can get the Add-on as part of your Microsoft partner Status?
    We’ve already got Dynamics 365 for Talent from our Microsoft Dynamics 365 IUR benefits.


    1. Hi Erik43,
      The add-on is unfortunately not part of the partner IUR, you have to buy this.


  4. Hi Malin,
    We have 5 Talent, and are looking to utilise the Comprehensive Hiring add-on. First we want to test in the sandbox. Do we have to purchase the required qty to cover our organisation or can we just purchase the min 2 Teir One packs.

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    1. Hi,

      Great question, I have no idea 😉 I’ll contact Microsoft to ask that and update you and this post when I get the answer!


    2. Just got an answer from Microsoft. The Hiring add-on is a tenant licens, so if you by the license (and you have to by 5 full licenses and then the license to cover your organisation), then you will be able to use it for both the sandbox and production environment.


  5. My client wants both HR and employees to access the system. If the client purchases 5 Dyn talent licenses, and 2* the tier 1 add on pack that will be utilized by 200 employees is there anything more I need to buy?


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