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MB6-898 Request candidate availability

When an applicant has applied to a job and advanced beyond the Application stage, you can ask for the candidate availability. In the standards process you can ask for availability in the Screening and the Interview stage.

To send a request for availability to the candidate you click “Send request”

candidate availability send request

When you click “Send request” you go to a new page where you select dates and customize the email you want to send.

request availability page.PNG

When you have selected dates and customized the email you send the email til the candidate by clicking send.

request sendt.PNG

The candidate then gets an e-mail with a request to go Talent to logg in to their page.

request mail

Once logged in they can see the dates asked

availability page for candidate.PNG

The applicant confirms the date or dates that suits the candidate best.

confirme date.PNG

This is then updated back to Attract so that you can schedule an interview on the date that best suits the candidate.

availability confirmed.PNG


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