Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

Talent <3 Adobe Sign

Since October the Attract module of Talent has had the possibility to use a basic e-sign to sign the offer sent. But Desember 12th Adobe announced that they are working together with Microsoft and that you now have the capability to use Adobe Sign to sign the offers.

You can read the Adobe Solution Brief to get more information.

To get access to the signing in Talent you first have to have Attract, then you need to buy the Comprehensive Hiring add-on then sign up and buy Adobe Sign.

Now you can connect to Adobe sign. You first go to the admin page in Attract and chose Adobe Sign.

Admin center
Admin center
Admin center E-signature
Admin center E-signature

Then you go to user settings and connect to Adobe.

User settings Connections
User settings Connections
Adobe sign-in

Adobe sign-in

When that is done you are connected to Adobe Sign and can use it for signing offers.

PS; If you can’t connect to Adobe Sign, but is just sent to the Adobe sign page, try logging in to Talent and connecting in an incognito-page.

Price for Adobe Sign.

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