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MB6-898 Identify options for defining the interview

In this question I wasn’t sure if they were talking about the setup in the interview stage or when you setup the interview to send to a candidate.

In the interview stage you have several configuration possibilities:

  • Request candidate availability
  • Select online Skype meeting
  • Send mail to candidate
  • Allow adding feedback providers from outside of the interview loop
  • Allow interviewers to view other feedback before submitting their own
  • Allow interviewers to edit their own feedback after first submission
  • Send interviewers a reminder to submit feedback after
Interview stage setup
Interview stage setup

When you are setting up the interview you can set four options to Yes or No.

  • Make this a panel interview – If this is set to Yes, all your interviewers will meet the candidate at the same time. The “Keep interviewers in this order” is blocked as all interviewers will meet at the same time.
  • Keep interviews in this order – This will ensure that the first person you set on the left side, is the first person to talk to the candidate. If this is set to no then you can change the order of interviewers.
  • Suggest interview schedules – If this is set to no, the last to settings are hidden.
  • Add Skype meetings – If you aren’t meeting the candidate live, but want to use Skype.

You also set the duration of the interview.

Interview options
Interview options

Message from Microsoft in Attract:

Upcoming changes to panel interview reminders

Panel interview availability request reminders will be shut off on 1/14/19.

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