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MB6-898 Define offer settings

In the Offer stage on the job you have three options you can change:

  • Launch Offer Management App on prepare offer (requires the comprehensive hiring SKU/Add-on)
  • Hiring Managers can prepare offer. This is only available if the previous setting is on.
  • Allow Positions to be reused within job.
Offer settings.PNG

In the admin center you can define the offer settings (In general)

admin center

You have three options for the offer approvers and three options for the candidate.

Offer settings in admin center
Offer settings in admin center

The approvers choices are:

  • The offer must be approved before being sent to candidate
  • Approvers are required to leave a comment with their decision
  • Choose if the approval workflow is Parallel (the approvers see the offer at the same time) or Sequential (approvers see the offer in a specific order).

The choices for the candidate:

  • Allow candidates to decline an offer without additional discussion
  • Require an expiration date or all offers
  • Set the default offer expiration for all offers at a specific time or dates (24 hours, 48 hours, 7 days, 14 days or custom set of days.

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