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MB6-898 Start the onboarding process

When you change the offer stage status to Accepted or the candidate has accepted the offer a new area appears – Onboard.

With the offer app used:

Offer accepted
Offer accepted

Without the offer app:

Offer settings accepted
Offer settings accepted

With this function you click the button “Start onboarding” and the new employee is transferred to the onboarding app and you can start the onboarding of the employee.

6 thoughts on “MB6-898 Start the onboarding process”

  1. What happens to the linked position, As per the Talent module the details should be filled automatically like First name and last name but it is not happening in the position masters.


    1. Hi,

      The person that accepted the offer is transferred to Core HR as a candidate for hire (you can find them in Personnel management). If they are linked to a position that isn’t in use they should be connected to that position in Core (I just found a bug in Attract where the “In use” field isn’t updated from Core, so make sure the position you are linking to isn’t in use in Core)


      1. I created a position in HR and linked the same blank position in attract. I did not get “in use” position.


      2. The person doesn’t go to Core until they accepted the offer made in the Offer modul in Attract. Once the persone has accepted you can send them to Onboard and then they should go to Core at the same time.


  2. hi, just want to confirm this part, if the candidate already appear on on boarding app is that mean that his/her name will also reflected on worker’s page of personnel management no need to create New Worker on Talent? Thanks in advance


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