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MB6-898 Build an activities list for a welcome guide

When you go to the activities tab you need to build up your activities list (or edit it if you used a template)

Empty activity tab
Empty activity tab

The fist thing you do is do drag or click a new section or a new activity to the middle and name them the way you want.

Section and activities
Section and activities

There are several types of activities you can add to the list:

  • You can add a new standard activity with the possibility to attach a file, URL or a location (bing maps).
  • YouTube video embed URL
  • Sway embed URL
  • PowerApp
  • Steam video URL
  • iframe for a web content.

To delete the activity or section you simply click the trash can.

If you click the Import tab you can import activities from your other templates, thus making it easier to create a more similar functionality.

Import from other onboarding templates
Import from other onboarding templates

Click samples to see some recommended samples from Microsoft.

Onboarding activities samples
Onboarding activities samples

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