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MB6-898 Add contacts and resources to a welcome guide


When you go to the contacts tab the person that created the guide is already added to the list, and you can add other relevant contacts for the new employee. To add a new person you click “+ New contact”

Contacts tab
Contacts tab

When you click the “+New contact” you get a pop-up where you can search for a contact person that already exists in the system or you can add a new person.

Add team member
Add team member

To add a new person that’s not registrered in the system, you click the “Add now” text.

Add new team member
Add new team member

When a contact is added, you can se them on the list. You also get suggestions from AI to whom the new employee should get information about based on other templates.

Contact list
Contact list


When you click on the resources tab you can see the resources you already added in the activities or you can add new resources.


Click the “+ New resources” to add new resources. You can add a file from your computer or OneDrive, add a link or add a map.

Add a resource
Add a resource

2 thoughts on “MB6-898 Add contacts and resources to a welcome guide”

  1. Hi Malin,
    I’m finding your posts really helpful.
    I saw that I can add any contact, whether they have or not a valid email address, but I can see the whole contacts of my company, regardless they are not Talent users.
    What kind of contacts does OnBoard imports by default? I assume that anyone who is created in the company database. Is that correct? Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Valeria,

      So good to hear that you find it helpful I appreciate the feedback!
      Onboard doesn’t import any contacts by default, but you can add someone from your AAD (Azure Active Directory), unfortunately you can’t add someone from the Core system if they aren’t in your O365 environment.


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