Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, New release

Dynamics 365 for Talent April ’19 release – General Availability

This post will focus on the release that will be in General Availability in the April ’19 release.

The April ’19 release focuses on Attract and Onboarding. All functionality in GA is released April 2019.

Read the full list from Microsoft


Easily post your jobs to more sites

This is a feature I think will have a big impact for many recruiters. This is the integration with external job sites for job postings. This means you can multipost jobs to other job sites and social networks in a single click. The feature enables recruiters to:

  • Post new jobs to one or more external job sites
  • Edit jobs posts and re-post to one or more external job sites
  • Remove posts from one or more external job sites

Use LinkedIn profile to apply for a job

We all know that writing information about yourself and jet again writing where you are working and what education you have is tiresome work. When you can use LinkedIn profile to apply for a job the information on your LinkedIn Profile is automatically used to fill out information in your application.

This functionality also enables recruiters to keep track of candidates which started to apply but didn’t finish.

Faster offer preparation

The ability to get the offer signed by Adobe Sign and DocuSign comes in GA in April ’19. As an administrator you will aslo be able to define mandatory and optional offer data in the offer package, and can now define default values of offer data.

The offer emails will now be configurable and the template can be edited before you send it to the candidate.


Streamline guide administration by assigning activities to roles

Some activities in the onboarding guide will involve the new employee but isn’t completed by the employee. In a template you will be able to assign an activity to a role which you an create as you like. When the guide is created to send to the new employee you assign those activities to a specific team member.

Share best practices across your organization using Onboard Teams

Finally you can create Onboard Teams where you can share templates and department leader can get analytics/dashboards.

Accelerate guide creation by importing an existing template into yours

You can import activities from other templates and changes on an template can be pushed downstream to change guides.

Core HR

Expand Core HR entities in CDS for Apps

Microsoft keeps pushing areas from Core to the CDS for Apps, this times it’s:

  • Competencies (Skills, certificates, education)
  • Job
  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Organization management

Leave and absence rules and policies

Updating or canceling registered time-off requests will be available, you will be able to book future time off, configure carryover if that’s included in the leave plan and require reason code for some types of leave.

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