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MB6-898 Send a guide to a worker

When you created your guide and want to send it to the new employee you click the send button on the top right corner

Guide ready to send
Guide ready to send

If you want to send the email as it is, you can click send. If you want to edit the email you click the “Customize the email before sending” or copy the link to send it out of the system or resend it.

Send the guide
Send the guide

When you customize the email you can give it your own touch.

Customize the email
Customize the email

2 thoughts on “MB6-898 Send a guide to a worker”

  1. Hi Mail, good afternoon,
    I’m working with employees created in the Onboard app and I can’t update the email address unless I enter in the ‘update employee details’ option.
    According to the print screen you show above, I see that you can define a different email address before sending the welcome guide. Could that be?
    Thank you in advanced.


    1. Hi Valeria and good afternoon to you to.

      I see that there are some differences if you create the user in Onboarding or if you start the process from Attract! If you use it from Attract it seems like you can’t update details or add an internal worker email. I don’t know why that is and I just reported it as a bugg, so I’ll keep you posted if I get any answers from Microsoft.


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