Certification, Core HR, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

MB6-898 Provide examples for uses of task management

You can use the task management in Core HR if you are:

  • Hiring a new employee
  • An employee is promoted
  • An employee is moving to another location
  • An employee is moving to another department
  • An employee quits of their own desire
  • An employee gets fired

Some examples of the tasks you can set up:

  • Order a new computer
  • Create the user in Azure Active Directory
  • Make sure the employee has the correct lisences
  • Create an onboarding guide in the onboarding app
  • Order flowers
  • Make sure alle equipment is delivered to/from the employee
  • Write a letter of resignation
  • Set up the computer
  • Delete all information from the computer
  • Give/get back access card

When the company has an employee in any of these positions you want to make sure all the tasks internally are done by the time they start or leave. The task management is the perfect tool to get help to remember all tasks that need to be done.

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