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MB6-898 Describe the setup components for a task management checklist

Task management setup
Task management setup

The setup components for a task management in general is group assignment and calendar

Group assignment

In the group assignment you set up the groups you want to use in the checklist, such as IT and HR. You first have to name the group, then you can add positions to the group.

Group assignment
Group assignment


In the calendar page you setup the workdays and days off for your company or the countries your company is in.


Setup for onboarding, transitions and offboarding

You need to create the task groups, Talent says about task groups:
“A task group lets you classify related tasks together. When you add tasks to a checklist, you can filter the list of all tasks by Task group, for example HR tasks, Payroll tasks or IT tasks.”

The tasks needs to be created, Talent says about tasks:
” A task defines a specific piece of work or an action that someone must complete. You can reuse tasks and add them to one or more checklists. “

Checklists is the last things you need to create, Talent says about checklists;
” A checklist is a collection of tasks that must be completed as part of a business process. For example, there might be a checklist that all new employees complete, and one or more other checklists that workers in specific roles must complete. “

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