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MB6-898 Identify key configurations for human resources

There are several key configurations human resources should do in Dynamics 365 for Talent.

LinkedIn integration

Why is the integration to LinkedIn so important? There are three main reasons:

  1. Help candidates. To ease the application for candidates -let LinkedIn complete their profile.
  2. Help recruiters. Post jobs on LinkedIn and search for new candidates.
  3. Help new employees. With the LinkedIn integration setup you can construct the onboarding template to suggest connections on LinkedIn which you f.ex. went to school with or others that you should connect to on LinkedIn.

Shared data across companies

Some data is shared across all legal entities, you should ber aware of these data and be sure you configure them before you start the rest of the setup.

  • Worker data. You can see information about every employee and contractor from any company. When you associate a worker with a position you connect them to a legal entity.
  • Competencies. Education, skills, professional experience are types of competencies that are shared data. That way you can use them on any worker.
  • Teams for employees. Teams are groups of people whom work together that aren’t organized together, this can be across legal entities, based on certain skills or across locations. To be able to add workers from every legal entity the teams are also shared.
  • Organization hierarchy. To be able to support complex modeling scenarios the organization hierarchy is shared across companies.

Date effective data

To be able to make changes forward or retroactive you need version control /date manager. This means you can configure workers of positions to set a date for changes start or stop.

Identification types

To be able to enter identification information on workers you need to add identification types, this can ve Visa, Passport, Driver’s license or birth certificate.

Human resources parameters and Human resources shared parameters

You can read all about the Human resources parameters and shared parameters in my previous post.

Personnel management

There are several points in the personnel management you should setup and configure that I have covered in earlier posts.

Recruiting and Onboarding

I have covered the configuration for Attract and all the configuration for Onboarding in earlier posts.A

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