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MB6-898 Enroll mass workers in a benefit

To enroll several workers in a benefit you first to to the benefit workspace and find the benefit you want to enroll workers in. In the action pane in the Benefit you click “Enroll in benefit”

Enroll workers in benefit
Enroll workers in benefit

You first need to select a coverage start date and end date (which you can set to never) and then add one or more workers. To add workers you click “+ Add”.

When you click +Add a new window opens where you select the workers you want to add. Be aware of the filters on top where you can make it easier to find the workers you want. You can also select all workers.

Find workers to add to benefit
Find workers to add to benefit

When you click OK and Enroll the workers you get a message saying that the process has started.

When the process is done you get a message that the process is done and you can se the resultas in the benefit enrollment results page.

Benefit enrollment process completed
Benefit enrollment process completed

In the benefit enrollment results page you can see all the workers processed and enrolled in the benefits.

Benefit enrollment results page
Benefit enrollment results page

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