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MB6-898 Request and process time off requests

You can request time off from the Employee self service page from the Time Off balances box.

Employee self service page
Employee self service page

When you click the text “Request time off” a new page on the right opens. In this page you select the leave type, date, if you have any attachments, comments and is able to see your balances. You can Save draft or submit it. If there isn’t a workflow activated your request is automatically approved.

Request time off
Request time off

If you have a workflow activated a manager or HR manager have to approve the request from the workflow.

You can also request time off for an employee. You can do this by finding the employee in personnel management, under worker in the action pane and “View time off”.

This sends you to a new page where you can see all the balances, approved and not approved requests. If you have some time off requests you can approve them from this page.

If you on this page click the “+Request time off” in the action pane, a new window pops out on the right side where you can request time off for the employee.

Request time off for an employee
Request time off for an employee

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