Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

I’m done! Or am I?

In September Fredrik Sætre at Microsoft Norway challenged me to write a blog post every day for one month on Talent. I started with one every day of the week, when that month was over I saw that I had so much content and it was going so good that I just kept going. A couple of months along I found out that I couldn’t stop now and challenged myself to keep going until I was done with the whole series.

Now it’s completed!


15th of October I wrote the first post in the blog-series MB6-898 Talent certification.

Today 185 days and 130 workdays later, I today finished the series with my post number 140, that’s more than one post every workday for 6 months!

This blog will continue to be updated with news, features and how to use Talent, not every day, but weekly every Tuesday (Talent Tuesday!).

If you have a topic you want be to write about, please let me know, as I’m always looking for new topics! Feel free to contact me:

Thank you to all my readers whom has followed this blog so far!

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