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Why should you choose Dynamics 365 for Talent as your HR-system?

Since I’ve started working with Talent I’ve a lot of demo’s and I’ve been involved in several sale-cases involving Talent. With that work I’ve gotten to know what triggers the HR-department and what triggers the IT-department in choosing Talent as their HR-system.

In this post I’ll summarize the key features on why a company should choose Dynamics 365 for Talent as your HR-system. In later posts I’ll write in length about each of these points.

  1. It’s part of the Microsoft echo-system!
  2. Makes hiring the right people easier
  3. Ensure you communicate and update possible candidates for a job
  4. Gives you a tool for task management in different stages of an employment
  5. Makes starting in a new company easier for new employees
  6. Employee and manager self-service
  7. Registration of employees skills and competency
  8. Track loans of equipment to employees
  9. Register all benefits for employees
  10. Leave and absence registration
  11. Adjust salary and adjust it to prevent bias in the workforce
  12. One system for all employee assessments
  13. The possibilities for extending the system
  14. The Microsoft Dynamics Talent Community
  15. New functionality and updates from Microsoft

Over the next weeks I’ll write one post on each of these points, what kind of needs they cover and why they are important to highlight.

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