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Dynamics 365 for Talent October ’19 release

The releasenotes for the October ’19 release is out! A lot is to come, both in general availability (GA) and in public preview (PP). Read the full releasenotes.

For those of you that doesn’t think releasenotes are that much fun, I’ve described the release for Talent specific features for you.


Intelligent candidate recommendations – PP April ’19 – GA October ’19

This feature is a way to use artificial intelligence to help with whom the recruiters should focus their attention on.

Improve diverse hiring with detection of bias and cryptic language in job descriptions – PP August ’19 – GA October ’19

This feature also uses the artificial intelligence that Microsoft is focusing a lot on these days. This feature will help you write descriptions which aren’t bias and make sure you are using inclusive language.

Customize and extend analytics reports – PP August ’19 – GA To be announced

When I first saw this feature I thought that it finally had arrived, that we could customize the PowerBI reports in Core HR, but this is a possibility to customize the reports in Attract which where just released.

Core HR

Streamlined employee data entry – PP July ’19 – GA October ’19

This feature will make you able to enter data for employees and set a specific date-stamp for it.

Deeper experience integration with Finance and Operations and third-party applications – PP September ’19 – GA October ’19

From October there will be a deeper integration with Finance and Operations and other third-party applications. You will be able to open screens to view relevant related data.

Embed third-party apps – PP September ’19 – GA October ’19

This will open up for third party apps and make it possible to use apps outside of the Microsoft echo-system in Core HR. You will be able to include apps to Core HR and be able to navigate from within Core HR.

Broader environment management – PP October ’19 – GA October ’19

This is much wanted! A possibility to move data from one environment to another, you can finally use test and then move the data over to production. Or you can move the production over to test and do testing there or try the new functions.

Expand data entities in Common Data Service – PP February ’20 – GA March ’20

More entities will be available on the CDS this time it’s;

  • Performance
  • Competencies
  • Training and courses
  • Health and safety
  • Compliance


Add a mixed reality guide as an onboarding task – PP October ’19 – GA December ’19

In February Microsoft announced the release of their new mixed reality app; Dynamics 365 Guides. From late 2019 you will be able to create the guide as an onboarding task and even get updates when the guide is completed.

Create guides in minutes with intelligent suggestions for activities and content – PP October ’19 – GA December ’19

Microsoft has gone all out with the AI in this release, not just in Talent. In this function the AI gives you suggestions for activities and contend that you can use in your onboarding guide. I’m sure this will be a very good feature!

Remember that Talent releases new functions on a weekly base. You can always keep updated with the lates releases from their page: “Whats’s new or changed in Talent”

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