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Happy FY2020!

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For Microsoft this is the last day of the Fiscal Year 2019, and tomorrow starts the new fiscal year 2020. Time flies bye when you are having fun, and FY2019 has been incredible for me and I’ve summed it up:

  • I’v learned a lot more on Talent. It’s an rapidly evolving product so staying up to date and learning all the existing stuff is hard!
  • I passed my MB6-898 certification in August!
  • I wrote one blogpost every working day of the week for 6 whole months! That’s 140 posts in 133 days!
  • In November I held my first public Talent presentation at the Norwegian conference DynUG
  • In February I was a finalist in the Microsoft Partner awards in Norway in the category “Driving Force/ Enthusiast 2018”
  • In March I held my first international presentation in Summit Europe in Amsterdam. There I was lucky enough to meet a lot of interesting people that I’ve looked up to for years in the D365 community. I got to have an hour with some very nice people from the Microsoft Talent team, it was really interesting talking with them about Talent and the future of the product.
  • March was also the month where I started my group Women in Dynamics in Oslo. We have had two meetups so far (April and June), and I’m planning on having a new meetup after the summer holidays.
  • June came along and I won a price at the corporate where I work for being the most visible the past year.

I’ll be on vacation all of July and won’t be coming with more posts until I’m back from my holiday. Hope you all have a good summer, remember to relax and charge your batteries!

There are several things to look forward to in FY2020, here is one of them;

I’m speaking in Scottish Summit in Glasgow 29. February 2020. It seems like it’s going to be an incredible day, so make sure you sign up! See you there?

See you in August!

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