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Why Talent? Makes starting in a new company easier for new employees

Think back to the last time you signed with a new company, remember how exited you were? If you are like me, you were probably ready to consume all the information you could find on your new employer.

With the onboarding module of Talent you can make sure your new employees gets all the information they need before they start.

Onboarding guide
Onboarding guide

You can create guides with activities you would like the new employees to complete. Recommend they read on your website, read a document on the work environment, see a video you have created on the daily life in your company or have them sign an NDA, or fill in a form to request a new computer.

You can create:

Onboarding activities
Onboarding activities

You can even set up information they will need the first 6 months of employment. You can add activities that the employee can get access to after they login with their work email. That way you make sure no sensitive information can be shared or copied.

Require work email to see activity
Require work email to see activity

I would love to get an onboarding guide if I ever go to work for another company, think of all the time you would save as both an employee and the company. It can probably help you so that your new employee don’t get cold feet and are prepared for their first day!

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