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Why Talent? Registration of employees skills and competency

What skills does you employees have and what level is that skill? Do you know? You should know, how can you plan for the future if you don’t know what you have today?

With Talent you can structure the skills in any way you like. Do you want it complicated with a lot of different nuances or do you want it as simple as possible – it’s your choice. Do you want 9 different levels on each skill or do you want an easier 3 level, it’s up to your company.

Please think about the setup of the skills before you start your project, try and see if it’s usable before you release it to all employees.

The pictures below shows the setup of skills and how it’s registered. You can choose to let your employees register skills on themselves, or let their manager do it. You can also allow the manager to do the registration on behalf of the employees. You can even set up courses in the learning module in Talent (it’s not a full LMS, it’s a backend system for registration, management of attendees, questioners and registration of skills upon completion.) and register skills at the end of the course.

When the setup is done and employees have registered their skills, then you can start using the information. A manager can see their employees and what skills they have

You can do a Skill gap analysis to see if an employee have the skills for a job, this can be used to see if the employee have reached their goals in their probation for their position, or to use in internal recruiting.

For a deeper dive in which employee have what skill, you can do a skill mapping. In a skill mapping you can find the worker or workers that is closest to the profile you are looking for. Skill mapping can be used for forecasting skill necessities. What type of skills do you need new employees to have, or can your existing employers learn the skills.

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