Power Platform Saturday Oslo 24th August

This Saturday was the day of the fantastic event Power Platform Saturday Oslo and what a great lineup of speakers and attendees!


The mind that created the event, Marius Agur Lind kicked the keynote of by presenting the theme of the day, which was equal opportunity. He gave us several examples of what equal opportunity isn’t and what we should think of in our every day life. Equal opportunity is giving absolutely everyone the same chance no matter gender, religion or anything else, we are all the same, we are all people!

Information about Marius aka CRMViking
Twitter: https://twitter.com/crmviking
Webpage: http://www.crmviking.com

Marius Agur Lind presenting the keynote

The charismatic Sarah Critchley continued the keynote, and got people of their feet and pledging to be inclusive with everyone they met and to take their seat at the table, you can’t wait for someone to give you equal opportunity, you have to reach for it and take it for yourself and be willing to giving it to others!

Information about Sarah aka CRMCat;
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dynamiccrmcat
Web: https://www.crmcat.co.uk/

Sarah Critchley in the keynote

To conclude the keynote we got a presentation from sponsors CRM-Konsulterna with Gustaf Westerlund and Jonas Rapp showing their integration with Bisnode. They show how their ISV-solution can give you a system which is up to date with all changes on information both company and person.

Bisnode Integration for Dynamics 365 gives you a platform to make sure your marketing material is sent to the right recipients, that you work on opportunities with highest probabilities, and that you find the best prospects.

crm-konsulterna on their bisnode isv-solution

Information about CRM-Konsulterna
Webpage: https://www.crmkonsulterna.se/

Information about Jonas Rapp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rappen
Webpage: https://jonasr.app/

Gustav Westerlund and Jonas Rapp from CRM Consultarne

Last out in the keynote was sponsor Tamara Phelan from Solgari giving a presentation of their super all-channel isv solution.

All communications & functionality through Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Voice, Video, Chat, SMS, Contact Centre, Compliance & Security.
Access to all tracking, recording and management. All without leaving your CRM window.

Solgari on the all-channel solution

Information about Tamara and Solgari
Tamara on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tamarajphelan
Solgari on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SolgariConverse
Solgari webpage: https://www.solgari.com/

Tamara Phelan from Solgari

Extending Talent with the Power Platform – Malin Donoso Martnes

My session “Extending Talent with the Power Platform” was one of the once first up after the keynote. I went through some of the scenarios where you would need to extend Talent with the help of Forms Pro, PowerApps and Flow.

Canvas Apps for the Model-driven Mind – Jukka Niiranen

The CRM-legend Jukka Niiranen held the session “Canvas Apps for the Model-driven Mind”. He went through the most important differences and similarities between how to design and build Model-driven vs. Canvas apps on top of CDS data sources. A great presentation to get us model-driven people to start creating canvas apps!

Information about Jukka
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jukkan
Webpage: https://survivingcrm.com

3 tips to increase user adoption with PowerApps – Thomas Sandsør

Thomas Sandsør held the session “3 tips to increase user adoption with PowerApps – with live demo”. He started with showing how you easily could connect to the Norwegian register for businesses; Brønnøysundregisteret, to create and update records in CRM. He showed a PowerApp so easy that everyone can register information in CRM! He also did a live connection with our on-premise ERP solution and updated our Dynamics CRM with the On-premise data gateway.

Information about Thomas
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrmKeeper
Webpage: https://crmkeeper.com

Thomas Sandsør

Make the system politically correct with profanity control and Flow! – Gustaf Westerlund

Gustaf Westerlund held the funniest session of the day; “Make the system politically correct with profanity control and Flow!”. He told us how he used Forms Pro and the content moderator on reviews from customers before it was posted online, to make sure there where no profanity in the post. He set up a connection in Flow, and gave a demo of how it actually worked in CRM, with notes and the content moderator. Needless to say, there was a lot of profanity in the session!

If you have never seen the Azure content moderator you should look at it!

Information about Gustav Westerlund
Twitter: https://twitter.com/crmgustaf

Introduction to D365 Sales Artificial Intelligence & Results of 1st ever Sales AI implementation in Europe – Mohamed Mostafa

Mohamed Mostafa gave us a session about the lessons he learned from the 1st ever Sales AI (Sales Insights) implementation in Europe. He gave a demo about how you could set it up and walked us through how it gave his customer a new drive and a possibility to streamline and optimize their sales. It was a great session from someone that actually have implemented this and seen how it can help customers get even better!

Information about Mohamed
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MIMCRM
Webpage: http://www.mohamedmostafa.co.uk/blog/


With three simultaneous sessions and workshops I didn’t get to attend all the sessions. The lineup was fantastic with 10 current MVP’s and probably a couple of future MVP’s!

All speakers; Gustaf Westerlund, Thomas Sandsør, Sarah Critchley , Jukka Niiranen, Ida Bergum, Malin Donoso Martnes, Tamara Phelan, Marius Agur Lind, Jonas Rapp, Joe Griffin, Mohamed Mostafa, Mark Smith, Sumit Sah, Ahmad Najjar and Julian Sharp

I met a lot of new connections, gained several new friends, met old friends, learned so much and had an absolutely fantastic time!

Thank you so much everyone that attended, every speaker for their presentations, the sponsors, Microsoft for hosting it and most of all; thank you to Marius for making all of this happen!

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