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Why Talent? Adjust salary and adjust it to prevent bias in the workforce

This is one of the features I got really impressed with! I think a lot of companies still use Excel to calculate this today.

As you might now, Dynamics 365 for Talent isn’t a payroll system, but it can be integrated with several payroll systems and thus have pay registered, or you can register the yearly pay directly in Talent.

Now you are supposed to do the yearly evaluation about pay, what kind of raise do people get, do they get bonus, is pay equal or are there big differences?

This is where compensation plans come in handy, with this tool you can add all sorts of different plans to calculate change in compensations or bonus calculations.

Compensation management
Compensation management

This is a tool that blew me away with alle the options and features that come in handy when you are planing compensation. You can read about how this works in my certification posts “Configure compensation information.”

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