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Power Platform Saturday Sweden

This weekend I went to the beautiful Stockholm to hold a session and learn a lot of new stuff!

Kathrine Hogseth and Gustaf Westerlund from CRM-Konsulterna kicked of the event. Together with their colleagues Jonas Rapp and Sara Lagerquist, they where the people that made this entire event happen. Thank you all for making this happen, I loved the event!

The first session I went to was Sara Lagerquist and Scott Durow “To code or not to Code – That is the question“. They were discussing when you should and shouldn’t use code, it was an interesting session and in the end they agreed that it isn’t a question if you should or shouldn’t use code, you use code when not using it makes the system more complicated and you don’t use code when it only complicates the system.

Scott Durow and Sara Lagerquist

The next session was my own session: “The ABC of a Talent project“. Thank you Alison Mulligan for the photo (If you ever need a recruiter or a new job, this is the recruiter and company you are looking for!!)

The next session was the amazing Keith Whatling, if you haven’t been to one of his sessions, you have been missing out. He is a fantastic speaker and really enthusiastic. He’s talk was “A bullshitters guide to PowerApps“. One of the tips he came with I thought was really great; If you are looking for more people to have on your PowerApps development team, you should look for the Excel stars, the people that lives in Excel and know their way around formulas and the magic that is Excel. They love the company and will do great in PowerApps.

Keith Whatling

After lunch it was time to listen to the Queen of Forms Pro; Megan Walker talk about “The Power of Microsoft Flow & Forms Pro“. Megan goes through how Flow can help you do magic with Forms Pro. It’s incredible how much you can do with the Power Platform.

In the expert panel some of the MVPs answered questions from the audience, it was a great session.

Peter from Microsoft Denmark, Ida Bergum, Daniel Laskewitz, Nick Doelman, Jonas Rapp
Guided by Gustaf Westerlund and Antti Pajunen

Now we were at the end of the day and just had the pub quiz left. The quiz was lead by Andre Bibby and was a lot of fun.

Andrew Bibby and his fantastic sparkly jacket

The entire weekend went by to fast, but I got to know some amazing people and made a lot of new friends. If you ever have the chance to join a Power Platform event you should do it!

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