D365 Focus Brussels – summary

Just one week ago I was lucky enough to attend and speak at D365 Focus Brussels. It’s a different event where all the sessions are 90 min long, though on the presenter and on the listener, but what a couple of days it was.

Day 1 – Thuesday 22. October


Luc Van de Velde started the keynote by talking about the changes and rebranding that is going on with Dynamic Communities. Then Chris Huntingford and I was asked to come on stage and talk a bit about how we came in to the community and what it means for us. A great honor to be on stage with these great guys!

The ABC of a Talent project

Next up was my first session “The ABC of a Talent project”. Where I talk about what you should and shouldn’t do in a Talent project (many of the reasons can be transferred to other projects as well).

What the Bot?? Microsoft’s Virtual Agent – Mark Christie

Next up was learning about the Virtual agent from Mark Christie. I was surprised on how easy it was to setup and that you can get a bot to work in about 30 min! I think I’ll wait in recommending this to customers until you can make the bot hand it over to a actual person, but it’s a lot easier to both setup, train, test and use than the rest of the bots I’ve seen.

How to Achieve your full CE potential & Empower sales, marketing and service – Britt Damkjaer

Britt Damkjaer

The last session of the day was from Britt Damkjaer. She is also writing a book about the subject, coming out Q1 2020! Some technical issues at first, but that’s life with a Mac!

Day 2 Wednesday 23. October

Extending Talent with the Power Platform

Also day 2 was started with my presentation “Extending Talent with the Power Platform. This session isn’t that much about Talent, but more on how you can use Forms Pro, PowerApps and Flow to make Talent fit your HR departments needs.

The Power Platform Unconference: An interactive discussion of the applications, features & use cases for D365CE/CRM and beyond – Mark Christie and Chris Huntingford

Holy title! This could have been called the Mark and Chris show! A very interesting presentation where they talk about important things in the Power Platform, such as features, license and other important aspects that everyone is wondering about. We even had some inputs from the audience, especially Ian Bourne had a couple of very good comments!
No NDA’s were broke!

When and how to extend D365CE with Flows vs. Workflows – Matt Collins-Jones

Matt Collins-Jones

We all know that Flow is the new way to go, but you can’t do everything in Flow that you can do in classic Workflows. Matt Collins-Jones took us through when you should use what. Learned a lot from this session. I’m also looking forward to the next month when Matt will post one video a day for all of November AND his donating money to charity, you can read all about it in the Tweet below!


The Fab four ❤

Joe Griffin, Matt Collins-Jones, Chris Huntingford and Mark Christie

One of the best things I know about going to these kind of events is the people. You get to know a lot of new people and learn new stuff!

An extra thank you to my four new friends, Joe Griffin, Matt Collins-Jones, Chris Huntingford and Mark Christie, for keeping me company these two/three days – you guys are so great and is part of why I love our community!

I also got to meet Deepesh Somani, Feridun Kadir, Tino Rabe and Denis Macchinetti for the first time!

Thank you to Dynamics Communities for this great event!

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