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DynamicsPower! Brussels 2019

This weekend I was back in Brussels for DynamicsPower! Brussels 2019 and what an amazing lineup it was! A big thanks to Raz (LinkedIn), Joris Poelmans (LinkedIn / Twitter) and the rest of the team from 365 Saturday (LinkedIn / Twitter) for arranging it!.

Keynote was from the one and only James Phillips (LinkedIn / Twitter), the Corporate Vice President of Business Applications in Microsoft! He talked about the power of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform and how Microsoft is moving forward.

We also got to se demonstrations of some of the new capabilities from the platform.

First I went to Daniel Laskewitz (LinkedIn / Twitter) and his Power Apps Governance session. He shared tips and tricks on how you should and shouldn’t do with Power Apps. Great session from the first ever Flow MVP!

Next up was my own session, How Talent can digitize a forgotten HR Department – the new version focused on Core HR.
I had a good crowd that asked good questions – thank you all for attending my session!

Thank you for the picture André!

After lunch it was time to get up to date on an old favorite of mine, what ClickDimensions (Webpage / Twitter) have to offer for marketing – James Varn (LinkedIn / Twitter) did a great presentation, he even handled a lot of though questions (most from me, sorry!)

Next up was one of my favorite sessions of the day, Stefan Stube (LinkedIn / Twitter) showed us how his company used Dynamics 365 to gain control over their high amount of suppliers – a very good use of Dynamics 365 and Portals. I want more sessions like these!

My last session of the day was my first AX/F&O related session ever! André Arnaud de Calavon (LinkedIn / Twitter) gave the presentation How to automate security role assignments. Some of it I’m dying to try in Talent to see if it’s the same, some of it was a bit to technical for me, but all in all a session that I learned a lot from.

The last thing of the day is to be social with the awesome people that I’ve met in the community!

Ivan Ficko, Rebekka Aalbers, Daniel Laskewitz, Antti Pajunen, Sara Lagerquist (extra thanks for being my airport buddy <3), Tomasz Poszytek and me.

This was the last abroad event for me in 2019!

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