Dynamics 365 Human Resources, New release

Human Resources Release wave 1 2020

From 1th February 2020 Talent is renamed Human Resources and the Attract and Onboarding apps are retired. That doesn’t mean that nothing new is happening!

Access and maintain HR data in Common Data Service

Moving on they’ll be adding more and more entities and fields in the CDS.

In my opinion this is the biggest thing in the release notes for D365 HR in wave 1 ’20. Outside of this there are two areas in focus this release: Leave and absence and Benefit. These two areas aren’t that important for the Norwegian market, so no deep dive here from me.

Leave and Absence

  • Create leave rules to meet company and regulatory policies
  • Enhanced benefit plan configuration
  • Flex credit programs
  • Leave calendar views
  • Suspend leave for employees meeting certain criteria
  • Allow employees to buy and sell leave
  • Enable an absence manager to manage leave
  • Manage employee sick leave


  • Enhanced benefit plan configuration
  • Enhanced worker benefit inquiry
  • Online benefit enrolment

I’m not impressed.

8 thoughts on “Human Resources Release wave 1 2020”

    1. LMS! It’s always a question. Improved UI, we get complaints that it looks outdated. Possibility to edit the Power BI reports that comes as standard. Integration to other systems (such as PSA, Project, Field Service and other MS apps). Improved reviews (they look bad). Thank you for a great question!


      1. I don’t believe Microsoft will launch a Learning Management Solution; back in the beginning of their FY19, Microsoft showed an early version of what was to become “Learn”. This initiative was stopped about a year ago, but also it was on the “Attract/Onboard platform” which is now being discontinued. Even if Microsoft did launch an LMS offering, I’m afraid it would go the same way as Attract and Onboard, as learning also falls under the LinkedIn brand.

        If you’re looking for a Learning Management Solution to complement a HR solution on the Microsoft platform, I would recommend you look at LMS365 from Elearningforce (www.elearningforce.com). It is an LMS platform built on top of Office 365, with online training delivery through either Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online or a mobile app (IOS and Android) – and they have a connector for the Power Platform (so you could update skills, certificate, training records etc in D365HR when they complete training courses in LMS365 through Power Automate).

        On the other stuff, I agree with you on Power BI; it should be possible to either change the reports that comes out-of-the-box or it should be allowed to embed custom Power BI reports (e.g. through embedding a Power App) without the client incurring additional user licenses for Power BI; basically giving the clients the same options as the other Dynamics 365 solutions.

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  1. Unfortunately, I think you’re too optimistic about what is coming in terms of D365HR data in CDS. The What’s New page (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365-release-plan/2020wave1/dynamics365-human-resources/access-maintain-hr-data-common-data-service) states that “Bringing additional data to Common Data Service has been an ongoing effort and will continue over the course of 2020 release wave 1 and 2020 release wave 2”. That would be at least until April 2021, and I wouldn’t be surprised if all data entities are not present in CDS by then 😦


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