Dynamics 365 Human Resources, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

New licence for D365 Human Resources

Today is the day that Talent is dead and gone and we are left with D365 HR. A good, but bittersweet day.

One of the best parts of this is that the horrible Comprehensive hiring add-on is finally gone!

The new license finally be an add-on to your other D365 applications, which makes it cost less than before.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources self service licence
Self service licence

In addition to this you don’t have to buy the Team member licence (8$ per user) for everyone that just needs the Self Service capabilities. You can buy the new Self Service licence for just 4$ per user per month.

This means that if you have 5 full HR users in the old licence it would be 40*5=200$ and in the new licence if you don’t have any other D365 applications it’s 120*5=600$. From 200 to 600 per month is quite a gap, but you have to see the big picture, you want your employees to be able to get access to HR, they are suddenly at half the price. 100 employees would be the break even number here, where the price would be the same, 1000$ per month for 100 employees and 5 full HR users.

And besides, you will probably pay just 30$ per user per month because you already have other D365 applications. You know the full power of Dynamics 365 comes when you have several applications connected and doing magic with the Power Platform.

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