Scottish Summit – summary

We are just done with one incredible weekend in Glasgow for Scottish Summit. This is one of the best events I have ever attended! Well organized and a crazy amount of people in one day.


The two great guys behind the entire event, Iain Connolly and Mark Christie kicked off the event looking amazing in Scottish Summit custom kilts!

Iain Connolly and Mark Christie
Big crowd for the event

Next was Jon Levesque entering for the keynote, and what a way to enter! In the keynote he spoke of the importance of community and what we can accomplish when we work together as a community.

HR killed Talent!

Thank you Jonas Rapp for the picture!

After the keynote it was time for my own presentation. It was a session with a lot of questions. A big thank you to everyone that came, I had a blast!

Personalise your marketing with D365 Marketing

Dilyana Radulova

Dilyana Radulova held a very good session on Dynamics 365 Marketing. She showed how you could use he system and how you can personalise you message to different people.

30% tech v 70% PEOPLE = Success of your project

Janet Robb

Janet Robb held my favourite session of the day. She talked about the importance of focusing on the people of a project, they are the reason why a project would be a success or a failure! Important talk from a great speaker!

The Diary of a CRM migration

Mike – Hart of the Midlands – Hartley

I’ve followed Mike Hartley since we were on the mentoring challenge from Mark Smith summer 2019 together. It was great seeing him speak on a topic he was very passionate about, great talk!

Should you be a storyteller?

Ana Demeny

Ana Demeny expertly led us through what it meant to be a storyteller and gave some good tips on where to learn and how telling a story can help you in you every day work, not just when holding a session.

Turn your project plans into compelling story maps that win projects almost every time

Neil Benson

If you ever need to present a 90 minute session in 45 minutes you need to speak at the speed of light – and that’s exactly what Neil Benson did for his session. Neil traveled all the way from Australia to be part of this epic event. It was great hearing about the way he works with projects!

Managing and Marketing Scottish Summit using ClickDimensions?

Emma D’arcy

The super enthusiastic Emma D’Arcy showed how she used ClickDimensions to run the marketing for Scottish Summit. It’s a great way to see how you can utilize ClickDimensions the right way.


One of the best things about this community are the people in it. There are so many amazing people that I’m happy to call my friends. Speaker dinner, pub quiz, after party and about a million hugs, there still wasn’t enough time!

A massive thank you to Iain Connolly and Mark Christie for arranging this event, I know it has taken a crazy amount of time and effort and I really appreciate being a part of this!

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