Dynamics 365 Human Resources, New release

Dynamics 365 Human Resources 2020 release wave 2

What a release this is! I think it’s my favourite release since I started working with the system back in March 2018!

This release the Dynamics 365 Human Resources team are focusing on these five areas:

  • Transform the employee experience
  • Build an HCM ecosystem
  • Optimize HR programs
  • Unlock your HR data
  • Enrich your existing Microsoft solutions with HR data

Let’s dig in to all the features and when they are in Public Preview (PP) and when they are General available (GA)

New entities in CDS

They continue to work on getting entities into CDS from HR, here are the new entities and when you’ll find them in CDS. This means that there are even more entities that you can use together with the Power Platform.

  • Benefits management – GA October ’20
    This will help you with integration to your payroll and benefit providers.
    • Setup entities
    • Benefit plan entity
    • Worker enrolled benefit entities
  • Skills and certificates – GA October ’20
    Finally, we can use this information in other Dynamics 365 applications that use skills and certificates, like Field Service and PSA/Project
  • Scenario-specific APIs – PP September ’20, GA October ’20
    I look forward to seeing how this will work and how we can integrate closer with recruiting solutions.
  • Performance entities – GA November ’20
    With the performance entities in CDS you can now do integration, reporting and extend it with for example a Power App.

New stuff😍

Custom links in Manager self-service – GA December ’20

You can add links to the manager self-service page the same way as you can do in the “My information” tab in Employee self-service page.

Manager access to employee attachments – GA February ’20

This is a feature I really thought was already there. But now managers can get access to documents that employees and HR have uploaded.

Employee Leave and absence experience in Microsoft Teams – GA October ’20

This is a cool feature that I’ve tested and blogged about, getting ready for GA in October.

Automated address validation – GA October ’20

HR will now verify alternate addresses and give alternate suggestions if available.

Integration with LinkedIn Talent Hub – PP July ’20, GA October ’20

This is the integration we have all been waiting for since they deprecated Attract is now finally here! You can test it in July and it will be in GA from October. This is going to help everyone that used Attract and is now looking for a new ATS.

Enhanced candidate profile in Personnel Management – PP September ’20. GA October ’20

Have you ever set up a trial in HR, and you’ve seen the section “candidates to hire” and wonder where they came from? It seems to have been something left from AX, but wasn’t really needed in Core HR because you had Attract. Now that is changing! You can now create candidates in personnel management and include a lot of details about them. All the information about the candidate can then be transferred to the new employee record. Easy and really helpful.

Manager can submit a recruiting request for open positions – PP September ’20. GA October ’20

A manager that want’s to hire a new employee, can now create a request to recruit which will initiate a workflow. In this workflow you will be able to populate the request form with default job and position information that can also be changed if needed. The managers can also track the status of the hiring process with the recruiter.

Organization and Personnel management workflow experience enhancements – PP September ’20. GA October ’20

The workflow for new hire requests and changes to existing employees or positions will be improved.

Azure AD integration – PP October ’20. GA December ’20

It seems like AAD will be even more tightly connected with HR, which is needed, why would you want to administer users and access any other places than AAD?

Enable simplified integration with payroll providers (Phase 1) – PP October ’20. GA December ’20

This feature will enable partners to use an API for payroll systems. This will also enable employees and HR professionals to view and update payroll related information through deep linking with SSO!

Leave and absence

  • Leave and absence workflow experience enhancements – PP September ’20. GA October ’20
    Employees and managers can update or cancel leave requests.
  • Provide additional insight into leave balances – PP October ’20. GA November ’20
    The leave balance insights will simplify viewing of employee leave balances to a single place. It will also give the employee and manager insight into accrual amount, time off taken and remaining time off.
  • Cross company view of employee leave for managers – PP November ’20. GA December ’20

The last one for leave and absence is so big and is so important that I want to highlight it;

Approved leave integrated with Microsoft Outlook Calendar – PP February ’21. GA March ’21

When time off is approved for an employee, their Outlook calendar will automatically update – how cool is that!

Create customized reports – PP November ’20. GA December ’20

Oh how I’ve waited for this! This I can’t wait to play with in November. You can create custom reports for human resources, time, finance and other data. AND you can embed custom reports in workspaces.

This is such an amazing list of new and enhanced features and the kind of development speed I was dreaming of seeing once they deprecated Attract and Onboard.

I’m very happy!

Read the full release notes on Dynamics 365 and on the Power Platform.

4 thoughts on “Dynamics 365 Human Resources 2020 release wave 2”

  1. This is really great and I can not wait to test these features. However, what’s Microsoft’s roadmap for compensation? Will it be possible to breakdown the lump sum of an employee’s compensation into smaller units in the future or this feature is currently available that I don’t know of?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unfortunately I haven’t heard anything about the roadmap for compensation.


  2. 1. What is the road map for the HR module in F&O? Any news on its sustenance, growth or deprecation?
    2. How customer using F&O (or AX) HR module can move to D365 HR. Is the license free for such customers or additional investment is required?
    3. Any update on the D365 HR having an inbuilt recruitment module? Will customers have to buy both D365 HR and ATS?


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