Dynamics 365 Marketing, New release

Dynamics 365 Marketing 2020 release wave 2

In this release the team has invested in some great areas, their key investment areas are:

  • A revamped customer journey designer experience.
  • Microsoft Teams integration for webinars
  • Improved social posting and analytics
  • The ability to use natural language to create segments

What are the features and when will they be in Public Preview (PP), what will be in Early access (EA) and when will they be General available (GA)? Keep reading.

Use continuously updating, multidata source segments from Customer Insights in your marketing campaigns – GA October ’20

The important integration with Customer Insights keep getting better. From October marketers can see the segment creation logic and discover CI segments instantly. The segments from CI are automatically updated, but can also be saved static segments in Marketing. The marketer can now also choose if they want to use native Marketing dynamic segments or CI segments in a customer journey. Better flexibility for the marketer and a very good way of utilizing the dynamic Customer Insights segments!

Create customized emails faster – EA August ’20. GA October ’20

The email editor will be improved, you now don’t need to use HTML as much. You’ll be able to add more than three columns to the email, better support for Outlook rendering and improved email editing performance, including faster loading and element interaction.

Collect data from form submissions more easily with expanded entity options – EA August ’20. GA October ’20

Yes, yes, yes, yes! I’ve been waiting for this! Marketers now get the ability to collect form submissions and store them under another entity! They can now manage form submission data as they want, and create workflows to store the form submissions as any other entity. Gone is the restriction where you need to connect a form to a Lead or a Contact.

Collect and manage form submissions under an entity other than Lead or Contact
Collect and manage form submissions under an entity other than Lead or Contact

Run webinars and meetings using direct integration with Microsoft Teams – EA August ’20. GA October ’20

Yet another BIG feature from the Marketing team. Marketing now includes a direct integration with Microsoft Teams live events and meetings! Marketers can create and host live events with Microsoft Teams as the webinar provider. Webinar are setup as a Teams live event or a Teams meeting, these can then be integrated directly into Marketing events. Who doesn’t love Microsoft Teams!

Use Microsoft Teams as your webinar providor
Use Microsoft Teams as your webinar providor

Build customer journeys more efficiently using the new canvas experience – EA August ’20. GA October ’20

The Marketing team has completely redesigned the customer journey canvas, they’ve made it more intuitive and efficient. Just look at this list of features

  • Enhanced performance and reliability when building complex, multi-step journeys
  • Simplified time-related journey actions
  • Negative journey paths!!!!
  • Horizontal and vertical views
The new customer journey
The new customer journey

Create and manage content-rich social media posts and easily monitor performance – EA August ’20. GA October ’20

Redesigning and making things work even better seems to be core to this release of Marketing. That’s also what they’ve done with the social posting, redesigned the post creation experience and the scheduling experience.

Use natural language to create targeted segments – PP October ’20

This feature is only coming in Public Preview in October, with no GA date. With this you can use simple words to specify the attributes and logic for segments, so you can find the exact audience you want. You can create the segment of “customers who live in Norway, but not in Oslo and work in tech.”

Build a segment with natural language
Build a segment with natural language

Read the full release notes on Dynamics 365 and on the Power Platform.

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