Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Introduction: Navigation

Home page of Dynamics 365 Human Resources

When you click on Human Resources (top left corner) you go to the homepage no matter where you are in the application

Waffle menu

Waffle menu is where you easily can navigate to your other Microsoft systems and the administration interface.

Hamburger button

Hamburger button (Navigation Pane) is used to expand or collapse the navigation pane and get access to the different functions of Human Resources.

Legal entity, notification, settings and help

If you click on company (USMF) on the top right-handed side of the toolbar you can change the legal entity.

If there is a notification, error message or a warning in the action center, this is displayed in the section for notifications (bell).

In settings (gear icon) you can access some user options, see the task recorder, mobile app or personalize the application.

When you click the help icon you get access to all the Microsoft standard help or the custom help you created in the Lifecycle Service.

Use search to easy access the function you want to work in.

Tiles for your workspaces

To make it easy for you to start working, you have tiles on your home page that represent the workspace that you have access to. You can now also add new tiles to other apps or sites on the home page.

On the right side is your task area, where all your tasks from the task managements checklists and your workflows are found.

4 thoughts on “Introduction: Navigation”

  1. Hi Marlin, thanks for this blog. I do have one question though: what is the calendar used for? If you select a date, the following message is shown: “Do you want to change your session date to 31-7-2021 ?”. However, I haven’t seen the effect of this session date in any of the workspaces. Do you have any idea? I did find some documentation on this (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/fin-ops-core/fin-ops/organization-administration/tasks/change-date-session?toc=/dynamics365/human-resources/toc.json) but it seems this is not applicable to Human Resources.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Gonen.
      The calendar is so you can see the system as it will be on a specific date. If you choose to set it in the future, you’ll get the data as it is in the future (hire, exiting workers etc), if you set it back in time you’ll get the data as it was on that time.


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