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MB-220: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Functional Consultant

This entire blog once started because I couldn’t find the content I wished someone had written for the certification MB6-898 about the HR solution from Microsoft.

I now do a lot of training for multiple products in the Microsoft world and I’ve been asked by a lot of students where they could find any content on the MB-220 Marketing certification. And I’ve so far had to tell everyone that there are no blogs specialised on the certification for marketing.

So here we are, this is the start of a new blog series about the MB-220 certification. I have already written the book about Dynamics 365 Marketing, so why not go through the certification and see what you need to know to pass that.

At the time I’m writing this blog the last update is from March 23 2023 so this is the content I’ll be focusing on.

  • Configure marketing applications (15–20%)
  • Manage segments and lists (10–15%)
  • Create and manage marketing forms and pages (5–10%)
  • Manage leads, contacts, and accounts (5–10%)
  • Create and manage marketing email messages (10–15%)
  • Manage customer journeys (20–25%)
  • Manage events and webinars (10–15%)
  • Configure Dynamics 365 Customer Voice (5–10%)

You can always find the updated information on the certification page.

I will not go into depth on the first part, configuring the marketing applications. There are other places and other content already written on this, here are some to read:

Microsoft Learn is a wealth of information, but the first part is not connected as a learning module on the MB-220 page, but you can find information on forms, views, charts and dashboards here.

Read about the site map in the classic interface on Learn.

The new app designer overview can be found here on Learn.

Neil Parkhurst has a great series on the old MB-200 (which is now deprecated and changed to the PL-200, but a lot of the content is still relevant):

The other topics I will be covering in this blog series.

If you are new with Dynamics 365 Marketing, I would highly recommend reading my book and get a good start on everything core D365 Marketing:

Becoming a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Functional Consultant: Learn to deliver enterprise marketing solutions and insights to exponentially grow your business

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