Dynamics 365 Human Resources

In this section, you’ll find all posts about Dynamics 365 Human Resources and the old Talent Core HR part (which is the new D365 HR!)

Introduction: License

The current licensing on Dynamics 365 Human Resources (as it is in July 2021) is as standard $120 per user per month if HR is your only Dynamics 365 app. If you have other apps and those same users will have access to HR, the cost is $30 per user per month. You must have…

Task management: Onboarding/Offboarding/Transitions

In task management you have access to onboarding, offboarding and transitions. If you want to see the different tasks in the different areas you have to choose the right are in the dropdown below Task management. The default is onboarding. Onboarding, offboarding and transitions setup is exactly the same. After you’ve created the tasks and…


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