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MB6-898 Set up and use vesting rules

Vesting rules are used to classify variable compensation plans and is only meant to be used for reporting. The setup for vesting rules is easy with a name, description and the possibility for notes. Vesting rules In the variable compensation plans you can set a vesting rule to be able to track long turn variable… Continue reading MB6-898 Set up and use vesting rules

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MB6-898 – Configure compensation information

The third part of Set Up and Use the Talent Application (25 - 30%) is Configure compensation information: Describe examples of fixed and variable compensation plansUse recommendations with compensationReview and make changes to compensation plansDefine mandatory confirmation for compensation plansDescribe the range utilization matrixDefine reference pointsCreate compensation gridsDefine eligibility rules for compensationConfigure pay rate conversionsSet… Continue reading MB6-898 – Configure compensation information