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2020 – Everything is changing

It all died in 2019 Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash As you might have seen Microsoft has announced the deprecation of Attract and Onboarding, they also announces that Talent is no more and that it's now named Dynamics 365 Human Resources. I wrote the post Talent is dead - and it is good news. This is not… Continue reading 2020 – Everything is changing

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Dynamics 365 for Talent October ’19 release

This post summarizes the features being released in the October release from Microsoft for Talent

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Why Talent? Makes hiring the right people easier

In the previous post I summarized the key features of why you should choose Talent.  It's time for the second post "Makes hiring the right people easier". When Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 2016 they got access to one of the biggest and best social networks for business. I can't think of a better way to… Continue reading Why Talent? Makes hiring the right people easier